Arrested for Battery?

Arrested For Battery?

Battery Overview

If you’re arrested for battery, normally, the police will take you to jail at that time. You’ll be taken to first appearance the next day, and you’ll want to ask for an attorney at your first appearance. If you’re arrested for domestic battery, you will normally not be given a bond until first appearance.

First Appearance When Arrested For Battery

First appearance is your first court appearance. You will appear before the judge and he/she will read the probable cause affidavit (police report). The judge will then determine if there is probable cause to support the charge of battery. If the judge finds that there is probable cause, he/she will determine if you are entitled to a bond, if you should be released on your own recognizance, or released through the pre-trial release program.

The “No Contact” Order

If you’re charged with battery, many times the court may issue a “no contact” order against you. This means you cannot make any type of contact with the person who is the alleged victim of the case. Many times the alleged victim is your spouse or may live in the same house as you, a family member. If you are given a “no contact” order by the judge, that means you cannot return to your home.

Hire An Attorney Immediately

It is extremely important that your seek an attorney upon getting out of jail. The main reason being that if you get an attorney, early on in your case, that attorney can contact the prosecutor’s office and work to possibly have the charges reduced or possibly not filed at all. An attorney can speak to the victim, while you, the person being accused of the crime, can not.

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